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  BQA Certification

The centerpiece of BQA lies in formal certification according to a set of national BQA standards. Increasingly, buyers of feeder calves and breeding stock are seeking out sources of livestock from BQA certified operations and individuals. In some cases, cattle eligible marketing programs must come from BQA certified operations. By applying BQA certified practices and standards, producers are opening up a market outlet for those progressive beef cattle producers who become certified.

Becoming BQA Certified

BQA certification can be accomplished by attending local programs and statewide meetings that are approved for certification by the state BQA program committee. At each program, individuals must complete the current BQA certification exam. In the future, producers will also have the ability to become certified on-line.

BQA certification is valid for three years from the time of completion of the exam. Upon successful completion of the BQA course, producers will:
  • Be recognized as a BQA Certified Producer published on the Oklahoma Beef Quality Assurance website.
  • Be supplied a BQA certification card and certification number.
  • Meet the requirements for other state and national production and marketing programs that require BQA certification.

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