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  Importance of BQA Programs

The efforts of BQA across the nation have been instrumental in recent successes that continue to re-build and sustain beef demand. Through BQA programs, producers recognize the economic value of committing to quality beef production at every level - not just at the feedlot or packing plant, but within every segment of the cattle industry.

When better quality cows leave the farm and reach the market place, the producer, packer, and consumer all benefit. Packers benefit when they have less trim, fewer condemnations and more high quality cuts of beef to send to their customers. When packers benefit, they pay more and discount less for the higher quality market cows coming through the auction markets and buying stations. When better quality beef reaches the supermarket, consumers are more confident in the beef they are buying, and this increases beef consumption.

Producers who take a little extra time to follow the BQA best management practices can maximize their profitability by commanding more for their animals in the marketplace. Implementing a BQA program can also improve producer profits by emphasizing good record keeping practices and protecting herd health to prevent, contain, and control disease.

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